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I am now officially a BSc Microbiology student – no more Biomed!!! We received copies of the new Biomedical Science pathway last week and I discovered that I the option to specialize had been removed and we now had two generic modules covering all 4 areas, rather than one modules covering all four and one specializing in a chosen area (microbiology, haematology, clinical chemistry or cellular pathology).

I do not want to become a biomedical scientist, so do not need a IBMS accredited degree, I chose the degree because the subject area interested me, and I later discovered that I loved microbiology but could choose to specialise in my 3rd year. After finding out that I had to do modules covering the other areas I was slightly disappointed so after a couple of meetings with Uni staff and camping outside a couple of staff members offices to get the relevant forms signed I have managed to transfer to a single honors microbiology degree. This is possible so late in the degree (I’m in the final year, although doing over 2 years) because many of the first and second year modules are the same. I have had to pick up a couple of second year modules – one each semester this year which means I am no longer part-time but am still only doing 3 instead 4 modules a semester so can’t foresee a problem and to make things even better this semester I two of my three modules are 100% coursework and the other is an open paper exam. For those of you that have an interest my modules over the next year are:

Semester 1 – microbial pathogenicity, bacterial molecular genetics and parasitology

Semester 2 – applied microbiology, special topics in microbiology and medical microbiology

I really think I have made the right choice doing this as I wasn’t 100% happy with the modules I was due to do on Biomed and am excited about all the microbiology modules.

After finally ploughing through all the paperwork I logged on and read some blogs at uni, and this is the first thing I saw on the Lime n Violet Daily Chum. Can we say spooky! I so have to make some of those.

I have my first parasitology lecture tomorrow and will know absolutely no-one as this is one of the second year modules I have had to pick up. This week we are visiting the Museum of Zoology which should be interesting.

In knitting news, I have cast on for Karl’s Cobblestone sweater and it is looking good.I am using Cascade 220 heathers in a greeny brown. I’m loving the way its knitting up and thankfully so is he. My gauge is slightly off but as he is between sizes I am knitting the size up which will come out slightly smaller then the stated measurements. I had a bad case of startitis last night and cast on for Wisp with my olive green malabrigo lace. OH. MY. GOD. this stuff is amazingly soft. I so have to get me a sweaters worth of the worsted weight, ideally in the olive green to make the Tree Jacket with. I have come to a major hurdle with the Deep V Argyle vest, all the knitting and steeking etc is done but I am at a loss as to how to sew the ribbed neckband up, as I have live stitched at the base of the neck. I love this top so much that I don’t want to ‘make do’ and ruin it. If all else fails I may take it to ally pally and seek expert advice somewhere.

I tried on my Wicked! this morning and have faced up to the fact that it no longer fits me, I am 3 stone lighter than I was when I made it and it just looks wrong. I really like this pattern and plan to completely frog it, wash the yarn and re-knit it in a smaller size. In fact i had quite a few problems this morning as it was the first morning this autumn that I felt the need to be warm and nothing fit me. I know I should be glad about this and I am but I really don’t have the money to go buy new clothes – maybe I just need to knit faster!