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Pink Frenchy Bag


Pink Frenchy Bag, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

Pattern: Amy Butler Frenchy Bag
Fabric: A seletion from Moda Quilt Pink II range
Mods: The inside only has one pcoket rather then two (purely due to lack of fabric as I was using stuff from my stash)

This is my latest finished sewing item. It took no longer than a weekend to make. I love it. I plan on gifting it to my Hot Cocoa Swap pal, as a small project bag. I think it will be perfect to use a sock bag.

New Year, New Skills



New Year, New Skills, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

Firstly, quilting. I have wanted to start quilting just after I got my sewing machine. I have two books, (Quilting for Dummies and Homes & Gardens Complete Guide to Quilting) which have been an interesting read, a rotary cutter with cutting mat and rule and a little tinned quilt kit which has instructions and 32 piece charm pack. I’m hoping to have my first go at the weekend.

Secondly, embroidery. Sublime Stitching has some fantastic patterns and after reading the book I can recommend them to beginners. The instructions are in plain simple English and really are fool-proof. The book assumes you have no prior knowledge at all which is great when you don’t and still helpful if you do. The book also contains loads of pattern transfers at the back and has envelopes in the covers to store them after use (they can all be used up 9 times). The stitch-it kit, contains a small leaflet of instructions, a hoop, 2 tea towels, 7 skeins of thread (floss) and a needle, as well as more transfers patterns. These two purchased from amazon for under £20.

I am still awaiting an order of more patterns, textiles and bits from the Sublime Stitching website, these have been shipped from the US, so hopefully will be with me soon.

One final thing I love about the book – it has a transfer pattern which is a stitch lesson. I think this may be crafting for the evening.

I am feeling much better and will have some great FO’s to show soon. I just need to buy some buttons tomorrow.

feeling better


Thank-you to everyone that sent me well wishes, I’ve a couple of good days lately so fingers crossed!

I have been busy with the knitting and sewing though, my tank top just needs the side seams seaming, I started a baby jacket for a swap pal’s baby which just needs the arms sewn in (do you sense I hate seaming) and have started a new sock with some alpaca sock yarn from a swap pal. On the sewing front, I have made a lovely pink bag, which I think I will gift to my swap pal to use as a small project bag. I was unsure if I was going to gift this when I started to make it as I hadn’t made this pattern before and wasn’t sure how it would turn out – but I am pleased with the result.

We have a strange hamster situation going on, last night Karl went to get Mr Bob out to put him in our new hamster toy (a hamster playpen – so simple, yet so genius) and he appeared dead. It was late so Karl put him back in his cage, and was planning on burying him today.  Karl went back to the cage today to get Mr Bob ready for burial, but although he is unresponsive, he just doesn’t look dead. He is still soft and floppy (unlike prevous dead hamsters who look dead and are very hard and stiff) and just doesn’t look like other dead hamsters – we are wondering if he is in hibernation. We’ve put him in a much warmer room and will leave him overnight – if he is still unresponsive but soft and not looking dead tomorrow, I think I will pop to the vet to ask them. There are so many stories of hiberbating hamsters being buried that I don’t want to risk it. If we hadn’t have seen other dead hamsters we probably wouldn’t be worrying but he just looks wrong for a dead hamster.

I hope to take some photos of the wips and fo’s tomorrow and post them


I want to say a big thank-you to all of your compliments of my recent fo’s and wips. I paologise for mnot e-mailing you all in person but life is not good at the moment. The christmas chest infection, although now gone, has left my immune system in a real state. My ME has relapse to the worst it has been since diagnosis.

I can cope with the aches & pains, I can cope with sore throat and sore glands and I can cope with the constant fatigue but only when they occur on their own (as they have been for the past year or so) what I can’t deal with is all these symptoms at the same time.

Blogging and knitting may be scarce over the next few weeks as I am desperately trying to get back ‘normal’ in time for uni at the beginning of Feb.  I have an exam on Monday but there is no way I will be able to make it, I’ve been sleeping 12-15 hours a day of late (straight through with no waking) so haven’t even picked up a book. Univetsity are fine and I have a note from my GP so as I can retake in April. As well as the physical aspects of this relapse I am having psycholigical issues – it is just so frustrating!!! I was doing so well, I was up to date with my work at uni and now I am falling behind. It has all been ok’d with uni but just annoying for me. I don’t want the ME to start up my depression but not being able to to the things I want (and need) to do just gets to you.

I’m off back to bed.



Just to prove that I have been knitting here as some progess shots of Juliet. I love this pattern it is quick and easy to memorise. I have finished all the knitting and just need to block and add buttons. I have to go buy some thread for (yet) another bag I plan to make soon, so will have look in the city for some nice buttons for this.
The truer colour is more like the close up.

Amy Butler Handbag


Amy Butler Handbag
Originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane

I love this bag!!! It is made from off cuts left over after I cut out the pieces for a bag I am making for friend. I am still waiting on the exterior fabric for it but will post about it when its hear. This is such a quick make even for a beginner like me. I made this from start to finish over the course of an afternoon and evening.

Pattern: Amy Butler In Town – Smart Handbag
Fabrics: Exterior – Amy Butler Tree Peony (sand)
Lining – Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot (linen)
I added 2 feet to the bag and used a magnetic closure. I only had enough fabric to make one internal pocket also.